Minnesota Wild January Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Teresa Stevens from Grey Cloud Elementary for being the Minnesota Wild January Teacher of the Month!


What grade to do you teacher?

5th grade


How many years have you been using Future Goals with your students?

3 or 4


What inspired you to try Future Goals with your students?

Invited via email to a tour of Xcel Energy Center and an introduction session. Lots of hockey players in our classes.


Describe how you use the program in your class.

I use it during our science time. Each student uses a Chromebook to work independently on the lessons. I look at the students’ results and help students as needed.


What would you say to other teachers who are interested in trying out Future Goals?

It is wonderful! Students are engaged and the content matches our Science Standards. As a teacher, I can see each child’s individual results. The immediate feedback is useful as students can learn from mistakes and successes. They have the opportunity to watch and learn again before doing the assessment again.


What do your students say about the program?

“This is cool!” “This puck shooting one is like a video game.” “I didn’t know hockey gear weighed so much!” “I play hockey, but I didn’t know I was using so much science when I was playing.” “Yay! I got the Cup!”