Anaheim Ducks Teacher Highlight!

Thank you Jamie Blair for bringing the Anaheim Ducks Future Goals-Hockey Scholar program to Corona Ranch Elementary School!

  • What grade/subject do you teach and how long have you been teaching? I teach 3rd grade and have been teaching for 22 years.
  • Who in your life inspired you to become a teacher?
    I think I was inspired to be a teacher so I can help children grow.  Not one person inspired me, but working with kids made me feel complete.  I love watching their minds grow and using what I am teaching in everyday life.  For some kids, I am their role model and I want them to grow into productive, kind, healthy, and independent adults. Not only do I get to teach and spread my message to one child at a time, but I have a class of 28-35 kids per year.  Teaching is just AWESOME!! I love my challenging job.  It keeps me on my toes everyday, but everyday I leave campus, I can’t wait to go back and attack the next day.
  • What was your students’ reaction to the course? Do they enjoy learning STEM alongside the Anaheim Ducks? My fifth grade kids loved the STEM program and enjoyed playing it.
  • Who is your favorite player and why? Not one player stands out to me, but I love watching the team together. They flow on the ice and really are a good role model on how teammates need to trust, respect, and admire each other.  My school and I are so lucky to have formed a relationship with the Ducks.  They have been so good to us and continue to be.