Bruins STEM Day on the Ice

On Thursday, March 28th over 85 Bruins Future Goals-Hockey Scholar students from Hurley Middle School got to experience the first Boston Bruins STEM Day at Warrior Ice! In the months leading up to the field trip, over 80 teachers from surrounding New England schools entered to win this opportunity for their students.

The day started by breaking the students into groups of six, rotating through 4 on-ice and 2 off-ice STEM-themed stations. At each station, students were able to bring their hockey scholar knowledge to life. For example, the pass station touched on the topic of angles and how Bruins players use angles to help make passes off the board and to their teammates. The shot station taught the students how to hold the stick and learned how to create the best shot on goal given their positioning on the ice.

The two off-ice stations included the ice resurfacer room, where the Warrior Ice Technician talked about what it’s like having a STEM career in hockey. The other station was led by Boston Bruins Alum, Bob Sweeney. Mr. Sweeney talked about the evolution of hockey equipment over time and how technology has made the players equipment lighter and more efficient.

Once the students had completed all 6 stations, Mr. Sweeney tested the students Hockey Scholar knowledge with a few trivia questions as they finished up their lunch to get ready for the open skate. About 50% of the students had never skated before so this was a great opportunity for the students to experience something new and learn more about ice hockey. All students left the field trip with a huge smile on their face, a signed player card from Mr. Sweeney and a Bruins goodie bag. It was a great day for the 6th graders from Hurley Middle School.

Former Bruins player, Bob Sweeney talks about the evolution of equipment overtime and how technology has played a huge part in advancing hockey equipment.
Students take turns making a bank pass off the boards to create a 45 degree angle.