“I liked that it's showed me different topics that relate to hockey. For instance, when I was playing the game where I shot the puck to the next player, but at the same time I was learning about angles.”

- Student in Nevada

“The best part of this event was having students at a venue in their city and near their school. Also, they were able to experience science and math concepts in sports which many of them don't think are connected.”

- Teacher in Nashville about STEM Day

“What I liked about this course is that I was able to understand how science and math are found in hockey. I never really thought about hockey having science and math, and how those are shown. I also learned what the players have to go through. They have to work hard and practice.”

- Student in Illinois

"My 56 8th graders are finishing up the science components and are on to math today. They love it.  In between, I’m teaching them about hockey by bringing I’m my sons equipment etc. All my students are from the Dominican Republic so they know nothing about the game. It’s been an excellent vehicle to teach them science and math and show them a new sport at the same time."

- Teacher from Boston

"The students were fascinated by Hockey Scholar in both Science and Math. This was fun to watch as my students began to make connections from Science into the real world. I would hear, 'Hey, I did this on Hockey Scholar Science."

- Teacher in Ohio

"I loved the fabulous graphics, the intensity of the content, and the awesome reactions of my students as they accomplished it! These were hands down one of the best resources I have ever used and plan to do so again.”

- Teacher from Michigan