Class at the United Center

Have you ever been to the historic United Center? It’s a pretty big deal, and one arena everyone should check out in their lifetime.

For some Hockey Scholar and GOAL students — 2,000 to be exact — they entered the arena on March 31 for the very first time. They may not have grown up watching Michael Jordan win rings, or Jonathan Toews hoisting the Cup, but they couldn’t have been more excited for what was in store that morning.

Students from all over Chicago were treated to a STEM panel, which highlighted jobs within the organization. Led by alumni Jamal Mayers, the kids heard from staff members like Team Nutritionist Alex Cotie, Assistant Coach Kevin Dineen, and Social Media expert Leah Hendrickson. The knowledge was aplenty, but once the players took the ice for the open practice, jaws dropped and all eyes were on the Chicago Blackhawks.

For many, this was their first time seeing the team live. From catching pucks over the glass to chanting “Let’s Go Blackhawks,” two thousand students made this a game experience, and an experience they’ll never forget.


If you’d like to check out the video recap, click here!