New York Islanders Event Recap: Vital Signs Lab

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New York Islanders Event Recap: Vital Signs Lab

The song Right Back from Where We Started From is playing over the speakers while attendees enter the “room”. While we are not far from the most recent New York Islanders win from the 2020 season, we are all still right back where we started from- working from home and going to school virtually. 

Special guests, director & in-game host, Miriam Drubel and mascot, Sparky brighten students’ classes virtually on December 16th with an event to discover heart rate, and its importance to hockey players and their athletic ability. 

Sparky & Miriam walked students through the process to find their resting heart rates, showing students two key spots to find your beats. Miriam then asked students and Sparky if heart rates could rise, and how they thought they could increase their heart rates. Sparky hypothesized that his heart rate would increase if he exercised! 

Sparky encouraged all attendees to get up on their feet and go through the exercises with him! Miriam helped to explain the exercises and what muscles were being used. Once the workout was complete, Miriam asked students to find their heart rate again- this time trying to find attendee’s active heart rates. Sparky was right- his hypothesis was proven correct! 

School Implementation Manager, Chloe Sanducci helped to wrap up the findings and asked Miriam and Sparky to tell us why they thought it was important to hockey players to know about their heart rates. 

Students, teachers, and parents had the opportunity to ask Sparky & Miriam questions about how their roles relate to STEM, how Miriam got into her role, and so much more!