Get the School Year Started Right- Nashville Predators Visit Glencliff Elementary!

The Nashville Predators helped students at Glencliff Elementary School kick-off their school year in the best way, with school visit with over 100 fourth grade students using the Future Goals Hockey Scholar program!

This wasn’t an average school day for these fourth grades, as students were able to go through Hockey Scholar modules with two of their favorite Predators players, Calle Jarnkrok and Dan Hamhuis!

“I wish I had something like this when I was growing up,” Jarnkrok said, “these programs are really interesting!”

Jarnkrok helped Hockey Scholar go through “the pass” lesson

After the students completed the modules and got their virtual Stanley Cup, they were off to the gym to see modules they just completed brought to life through four stations Hockey 101, The Face Off, The Pass, and The Shot!

This was the first-time many of these students had the opportunity to pick up a hockey stick, practice putting on hockey equipment, and learn science concepts through the game of hockey. For example, in the live action version of The Pass, students learned how players use the perfect 45-degree angle when passing off the boards. Jarnkrok and Humhuis were able to help adjust students grip of the stick so they could have the most force when participating in The Shot.

With a high-five with Gnash as they left the gym, this is one school day these students won’t forget!

For a full video recap of the day, please click here.

Humhuis teaching the students how to make a shot on goal.