Minnesota Wild February Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Sarah Nelson at Hidden Oaks Middle School for being the Minnesota Wild February Teacher of the Month!

What grade and subject do you teach?

6th and Science


How many years have you been using Future Goals with your students?



What inspired you to try Future Goals with your students?

We have a Synergy ( gifted Ed) teacher that found the program and helped us set it up for all students.


Describe how you use the program in your class.

We use the program at the end of every quarter to review the skills that we have learned in that quarter. It is a great way to put our science skills to use.  The real life application is fantastic for students!


What would you say to other teachers who are interested in trying out Future Goals?

I would let them know that it is very worth it to try out in your class.  Students are very engaged with the program.  It shows that math and science can be used  in real life ways in many necessary ways.  The hockey aspect adds an element of fun and excitement.  Students see that their math skills and science smarts can be used in some really amazing jobs.


What do your students say about the program?

“I can see why engineers need so much math and science to do their jobs!”

“I love the Wild so this program was fun to see how much they need science to play the sport!”


Anything else you want to share?

As a teacher I am grateful for programs like this that can show science being used in the real world.  Science is everywhere and the more we know, the more adapt we will be at understanding the world around us.