Nashville Predators – November Teacher of the Month

Congratulations Kimberly Henderson for being selected as November Teacher of the Month for Nashville Predators Future Goals – Healthier Me program!

1. What grade/subject do you teach and how long have you been teaching? I am a Professional School Counselor. I teach character education, social skills and various classroom guidance lessons. I also provide small group and individual counseling for students. I have been a counselor for 6 years.

2. Who in your life inspired you to become a teacher?

I had a wonderful teacher named Ruth Hulon in 3rd grade at Fairley Elementary School here in Memphis, TN. She motivated me to go into education because she was always loving and caring and wanted her students to succeed. She always spent time with me individually to help me with school work and any other problems that I had.

3. How are you using Healthier Me in with students?

I used Healthier me to show students how to plan meals and learn what to ask their parents to shop for on grocery trips. I also use Healthier me to teach students how their diet affects their physical health as well as their mental health. This is an excellent tool to do both things.

4. What was your students’ reaction to the course? Do they enjoy learning about nutrition and healthy choices?

The students really enjoyed the program and they loved choosing the meals and making sure that they were picking items out of the right food groups. It also made them feel responsible and they had fun while doing it. All of the students had a blast working on the physical activity lesson as well as the meal builder lesson.

5. Who is your favorite player and why?

My favorite player is Viktor Arvidsson, I think he has consistently done a great job and worked hard for the Predators over the last three years. I also believe that shows determination and dedication on his part and that is what it takes to be the best and lead a team to victory.

6. If you played hockey, would you rather be the goalie or a goal scorer? Why?

If I played hockey I would want to be a goal scorer. I like to work towards a common goal with the team, yet, I would not like to have all of the pressure on me to block the other team’s shots.