Penguins Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank you Holly Hallman for bringing Hockey Scholar to your classroom! We appreciate all you do for you and your students.

What grade/subject do you teach and how long have you been teaching?

  • 7th Grade Math.  I’ve been teaching 7th and 8th grade math and/or science for 12 years.

Who in your life inspired you to become a teacher?

  • All of my teachers that I had growing up as well as my parents have inspired or encouraged me to teach.

How are you using Hockey Scholar in your classroom?

  • We use Hockey Scholar as a supplement to support our curriculum, where different games meet different standards that we cover throughout the year.  We also use it as a motivational tool for the students who may not feel that STEM (specifically math and science) are important in the “real world.”

What was your students’ reaction to the course? Did they enjoy learning STEM with the Penguins?

  • Although not all students are hockey fans, the Hockey Scholar courses are still enjoyed by the majority. We kicked off the Pen’s season opener by introducing the courses, which provided an opportunity for the students to take a break from our normal routine and have a little fun!    They feel that the explanations attached to each game were not only beneficial to learning the concepts covered in each game, but also were a fun way to learn more about the science behind the sport. Some students even said it didn’t even feel like I was making them work because they had so much fun!
Holly enjoying her first ride on the Pens Zamboni in between periods.
Kicking off Hockey Scholar in the classroom on the home opener night.
Students enjoying Hockey Scholar.