Sabres Hockey Scholar Teacher of the Month – October

Your Sabres Hockey Scholar Teacher of the Month for October is…

Clark Mauchly of Geneva Middle School! Below you will find a little more about this educator, and you can catch him at an upcoming Sabres game!

What grade/subject do you teach and how long have you been teaching? I teach 8th Grade Technology Education and have been teaching for 27 years.

How are you using Hockey Scholar in your classroom? I use it in many different ways. We use it as a stem unit and as a pre-teach for a cool hands on marble roll project we do in class. Also, I am a hockey player and have committed a lot of what I do and have done in my life to the sport of ice hockey. I played hockey growing up, coached at many different levels, and now my son’s both play hockey. I also use the program as a community connection opportunity. I have a very good relationship with our local ice hockey rink. As a reward activity for doing such a good job on the program, I arranged to take all my students from class on the actual sheet of ice at the local rink. We conducted the experiments in the Future Goals program on the ice. We collected the data and recorded the results and compared them to the activities in the program. It was one of the best experiences I have had as a teacher. The guys at the rink told me a lot of them have come back for public skating, when normally they would have not known about the rink and would be out on the streets.

What was your students’ reaction to the course? Did they enjoy learning STEM with the Sabres? Yes, they say it is better than listening to my voice. No, seriously, they liked it a lot and were very engaged.

Who is your favorite Sabres player? Like everyone Jack Eichel, but we also like former Islanders, Kyle Okposo and Matt Molson (Cornell)

Who in your life inspired you to become a teacher? My Technology teacher in High School. Mr. Mark Luthouser and my friend Jeff Griffin who went thru SUNY Oswego with me.

What is your favorite hockey movie? Slap shot , Mystery Alaska

Would you be a defenseman, forward, or goalie? I am a forward 

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