Sabres November Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Ben Allio at Jordan-Elbridge Middle School for being selected at the Sabres Future Goals November Teacher of the Month!

I. What grade/subject do you teach and how long have you been teaching?

I presently teach fifth grade science. I’ve been teaching for over 27 years.


II. How are you using Hockey Scholar in your classroom?

My students enjoy using Hockey Scholar to reinforce their math and science skill set. To them it’s a cool game but they are learning as they play.


III. What was your students’ reaction to the course? Did they enjoy learning STEM with the Sabres?

The students are always excited to get started with the course and get excited every time they use it. I try to use it in the classroom at least twice a month for a full period.


IV. Who in your life inspired you to become a teacher?

 I was inspired to become a teacher by a couple of my elementary school teachers.


V. What is your favorite hockey movie?

 My favorite hockey movie is Slapshot.  I find it very entertaining.


VI. Would you be a defenseman, forward, or goalie?

 If I played hockey I would want to play defense.