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Ball Hockey Jamboree

Lace up your shoes and experience hockey at its core. The Carolina Hurricanes Ball Hockey Jamboree will be centered around FUN and community. No prior experience needed to participate. Players will be divided into teams and will compete in friendly cross-court exhibition games. The number of teams and the number of games played will be determined by the number of participants. There will be 40 spots available and an option to be placed on the waitlist if spots fill up.

Canes in School

The Carolina Hurricanes are excited to offer in-school programs free of charge. These programs equip students with basic hockey game-play knowledge and fundamental skill instruction. The Canes have hosted programs in a number of elementary schools in the area for the past several years and have had considerable success in teaching the sport of hockey to students.

Foundation Newsletter

Canes Care is a monthly newsletter to highlight the Carolina Hurricanes community impact, upcoming fundraisers, and anything else we might have coming up that month.

Score Big with STEM

Future Goals™ Family Resource Center is where you and your family face off with STEM concepts in hockey. In the following activities, you'll connect your skills to the game, learn new concepts, and put your STEM game to the test.

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