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Ball Hockey League

Join us for an exciting sports experience where players can develop their hockey skills while having fun. Our league offers an inclusive and competitive environment, where participants can progress and play with the support of our dedicated organization.

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The Future Goals™

The Future Goals™ Most Valuable Teacher Program presented by SAP allows us to celebrate our everyday heroes in the classroom, the teachers, who do so much for children every single day. Students, faculty, administrators and parents can all show support for their favorite teacher by voting online.

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Hockey is for Everyone™

Hockey is for Everyone™ uses the game of hockey — and the League’s global influence — to drive positive social change and foster more inclusive communities.

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Score Big with STEM

Future Goals™ Family Resource Center is where you and your family face off with STEM concepts in hockey. In the following activities, you'll connect your skills to the game, learn new concepts, and put your STEM game to the test.

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