Bring Math and Science to Life Using Hockey Scholar

Engage your students with Hockey Scholar, a web-based course that leverages hockey to teach foundational Math and Science concepts. This no-cost resource covers topics such as rates and ratios, states of matter, force and energy, and careers in STEM. Click below to check out the course demo video.


Hockey Can Help You Meet Your Future Goals

The NHL® and the NHL Players’ Association have launched a North American education initiative that helps students build their science, technology, engineering, and math skills using the fast-paced, exciting game of hockey as a learning vehicle. Hear more about this digital learning initiative.

Hamhuis & Jarnkrok stopped by Glencliff Elementary school to bring the @FutureGoalsSTEM program to life by connecting hockey to principles of science & math through hands-on learning 🏒 #PredsCRDay

Say 👋🏼 to our October #TeacheroftheMonth, Jenna! She uses @FutureGoalsSTEM in her classroom to help showcase how STEM is used in everyday life. What better way than through hockey? Congratulations Jenna, for being a superstar teacher!


These guys were bringing the NOISE at morning skate today! @futuregoalsstem #ALLCAPS

Impact of the Program

Over 2.7 million students
Over 6 million hours of learning
Over 700 events including 270,000 students

Bring Hockey Scholar to Your School

The Future Goals program is ready to be implemented in schools across the United States and Canada. If you’re interested in bringing the program to your school, please complete the following form and we’ll have a representative reach out to you with more information.