Arizona Coyotes January Teacher of the Month!

Future GoalsTM Program

Arizona Coyotes January Teacher of the Month!


Tammy Hamblen


Horizon; Glendale Elementary School District 40

Classroom Team:

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

It has always been my dream to be a teacher since I was in third grade. I had the best third grade teacher and wanted to be just like her.

What has been your most memorable moment as a teacher?

I loved preschool because the students do not hold back their feelings. If parents only knew what I knew about them, lol. As far as the elementary sector there are too many to name but I do like it when a student says, “I finally got it!! I do not need help any more.” As far as EverFi goes, some students tend to struggle but they never give up even when I tell them they can go to another program that is not as hard. They pursue, ask questions and get the job done.

What is your favorite part of Future Goals and how are you using it in your classroom?

I like using Future Goals because it helps prepare or review math and science goals for benchmark and state testing. Even the students who are not into hockey like the lessons.

What was your student’s reaction to the program?

They liked interacting with each lesson because it uses images to help solve each problem.

Who is your favorite player?

My favorite player would have to be Jeremy Roenick. He knew how to score goalies or help his team out. He was a joy to watch on the ice.