Calgary Flames February 2023 Teacher of the Month

Future GoalsTM Program

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Calgary Flames February 2023 Teacher of the Month


Carole Ware


Riverside School

Classroom Team:

Tell us about yourself!

I teach grade six at Riverside School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have been teaching for 29 years! I always enjoyed working with younger people and thought that teaching would allow me to really make a difference in kids’ lives. My favourite things to teach are science, language arts and art! Outside of school I love hiking, camping and playing field hockey.

Who is your favorite NHL® player and why?

Mikael Backlund – He has been with the Flames for his whole career, he was a first round draft pick and he does quite a bit of charity work within Calgary – giving back to the community.

What is your favorite part of the Future Goals™program? How do you see STEM in the game of hockey?

I love that the kids are so engaged when working with the Future Goals program. It’s a great way for kids to make connections between science and math and the real world! There are so many connections between hockey and STEM and I love being able to share those with my students. A bonus is introducing ideas that connect stem to future jobs that might be in sport.

If you played hockey, what position would you play and why?

Defence – it’s a really important position supporting the goalie and helping keep the puck out of our end of the ice