Colorado Avalanche April 2023 Teacher of the Month

Future GoalsTM Program

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Colorado Avalanche April 2023 Teacher of the Month


Emily Aldrich


Aurora Academy Charter School

Classroom Team:

Tell us about yourself!

I am currently in my 17th year of teaching. I am in a 6th grade science and math position, but have taught math through 12th grade. I was also a 5th grade teacher for 5 years. I became a teacher when I discovered how much I enjoyed helping others. The best part of teaching is helping students get to the “light bulb” moment when things finally make sense. I also enjoy supporting my students in all aspects of their life in school and out of school.

Who is your favorite NHL® player and why?

Cale Makar. I have been following him since he was drafted in 2017. It has been fun to watch him grow and just become an awesome defenseman. He always seems so level headed, and just lets his skill do all the talking.

What is your favorite part of the Future Goals™program? How do you see STEM in the game of hockey?

My favorite part of the Future Goal program is the labs. Yes I like the games/modules, but there is nothing like the hands on experience. I also enjoy that I get to introduce a new sport to a lot of my students through STEM. Most are not familiar with hockey at all.

If you played hockey, what position would you play and why?

I think I would be a defenseman as well. I played water polo and found myself being more a defender player then offence. It was easier for me to see the plays and react then create the offence plays.