Colorado Avalanche October Teacher of the Month!

Future GoalsTM Program

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Colorado Avalanche October Teacher of the Month!

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Rachelle Alvey


Greenwood Elementary Alpine School District

Classroom Team:

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I decided to become a teacher to help those kiddos who struggle

What has been your most memorable moment as a teacher?

I had a student who was really difficult to connect with. He has a rough home life and struggled with adults. Finally, I felt like I was making progress with him. He was starting to show more respect. At the end of the school year, he told me with tears in his eyes that he was grateful that I made him feel important. It reminds me all the time that emotional connections are just as critical as academic connections. I may be the only one in a child’s life to make them feel like they matter.

What is your favorite part of Future Goals and how are you using it in your classroom?

I love using it in connection with my energy transfer unit in science. It takes what they have learned and applies it to real life situations. It is so important!