New York Rangers February 2023 Teacher of the Month

Future GoalsTM Program

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New York Rangers February 2023 Teacher of the Month


Colleen Pine


Haverstraw Elementary

Classroom Team:

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! My name is Colleen Pine and I was born to be a teacher. I have been teaching for 5 years now. I have taught 1st grade, remote 1st grade, 2nd grade, and now I teach math and science in 4th grade. I became a teacher after watching the love my dad had for his 4th grade students. He sparked my passion and I knew I was hooked. I try to be as involved as possible in the school and community. I run after school programs to keep the students involved, I volunteer with our PTA, and I run school-wide events for the students. My students are my everything and I am constantly trying to be the best version of myself that I could possibly be for them. I want them to develop a love for learning. As a NYR ticketholder and die-hard fan, I share my passion for sports, teamwork, and drive with my students everyday in hopes that they can become better members of our community.

Who is your favorite NHL® player and why?

My favorite player in the NHL is Chris Kreider. He is consistent and a leader on & off the ice. The way he creates a sense of community and family is exactly what I try to do with my students in my own classroom. He makes everyone feel included and seen. He is a great role model for fans and teachers!

What is your favorite part of the Future Goals™program? How do you see STEM in the game of hockey?

My favorite part of the Future Goals™ program is the ability for students to explore independently at thier own pace. I like that they can complete activities at home or in school. Participating in the live lessons have been a great opportunity for us!

If you played hockey, what position would you play and why?

I would be the goalie because they have one of the most important jobs on the ice. They have to be flexible, much like a teacher every day. They have to protect the net, much like a teacher protecting her kids. They have to able to contort themselves into awkward positions to protect both posts, much like teachers having protect all of her kids at the same time and balance everyday life. A goalie must also be quick, with excellent reflexes, much like a teacher having to be quick on their toes during a lesson. A goalie also has to be mentally strong, because if they make any mistakes the other team will score. If I make any mistakes, my students won’t learn and their success lays on my shoulders.