Ottawa Senators February 2024 Teacher of the Month

Future GoalsTM Program

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Ottawa Senators February 2024 Teacher of the Month


William Doyle


Goulds Elementary School

Classroom Team:

Tell us about yourself!

I have a total of 29 years of teaching experience. The majority has been at the elementary level in Newfoundland. This year, I am teaching grade five at Goulds Elementary and am responsible for delivering all subjects, except Gym and Music. I decided to become a teacher because I enjoy working with young people. They have so much potential!  Watching kids light up when they have learned something new is a great feeling. I am always looking to create a learning environment to engage students. In addition to being a teacher, I am also training to become a volunteer with Prison Fellowship Canada. I feel this is an area of great need. I have also completed Indigenous Diversity Training to help me become more aware of the issues facing aboriginal people and apply that to how I deal with people

What is your favorite part of the Future Goals™program? How do you see STEM in the game of hockey?

My majority of my students play hockey and are fans of the game. They automatically connect with the concepts being taught. I have never realized the connection between Science & Math and hockey. Seeing this and applying it to games is very exciting! For the students, it gives them an extra layer of understanding. Using a computer and working independently is also a bonus. I teach the curriculum, but students need to apply that to their everyday life. STEM is now an extension of that curriculum.

Who is your favorite NHL® player and why?

My favorite player has always been Ken Dryden. I enjoyed watching him play and also hearing him speak. He is a classy individual! I was also drawn to the art work on goalie masks and have a small replica of Gerry Cheevers’ mask in my classroom.

If you played hockey, what position would you play and why?

I did play hockey when I was growing up and I was a goalie. My number was 29 to be like Ken Dryden. The reason for this was because I wanted to be like my older brother who was also a goalie. I liked being the one what my team counted on. As I got older I enjoyed watching other goalies and tried to see what they were doing well and tried to apply it to what I was doing. I liked trying to overcome the pressure and perform well. I think that helped me deal with the pressures of everyday life.