Tampa Bay Lightning April Teacher of the Month!

Future GoalsTM Program

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Tampa Bay Lightning April Teacher of the Month!


Virginia Christian


Riverview Elementary Hillsborough County

Classroom Team:

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I wanted to be a teacher since 4th grade. My 4th Grade teacher was a huge impact on me. She taught me that learning is fun. She took the time to help me understand concepts that were difficult instead of just rushing through the curriculum.

What has been your most memorable moment as a teacher?

My most memorable moment was when a student that was diagnosed with a learning disability was placed in my roster. Every year, he was switched between multiple teachers and I kept him all year. He told me on the last day of school, that I was the only teacher that kept him all year without passing him on to someone else. This made me realize that students need stability and a caring teacher. From that point on, I made a point to ensure that each student knew I cared about them and that they were loved.

What is your favorite part of Future Goals and how are you using it in your classroom?

My favorite part is that there are short lessons that students can use during their STEM time. I like how the NHL has incorporated STEM and sports. I use it for STEM in my classroom.

What was your student’s reaction to the program?

The students favorite part was being able to see the locker room and learn more about the Lightning players. I feel like incorporating hockey with STEM added some motivation to the students.

Who is your favorite hockey player?

Steven Stamkos – he visits hospitals for children and promotes the Ronald McDonald House. My sister spent several months in the hospital when she was born and therefore I spent many nights at the Ronald McDonald House in Pensacola, Florida. My family would not have been able to financially afford to spend as much time with my sister had it not been for the Ronald McDonald house because we lived about 4 hours away.