Winnipeg Jets April 2023 Teacher of the Month

Future GoalsTM Program

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Winnipeg Jets April 2023 Teacher of the Month


Brooke Drummond


Ecole Arthur Meighen School

Classroom Team:

Tell us about yourself!

I’m in the fifth year of my career and currently teach grade 7 (ELA, math, science, art, & health). I decided to become a teacher after volunteering in classrooms, leading programs, and working with youth throughout highschool. My mom was a teacher and she influenced me to pursue teaching. As a teacher, I love connecting with students, fostering excitement and curiosity, and seeing students achieve success. I’m involved in numerous school clubs, committees & sports; I help with the school choir & outdoors club, coach cross country, volleyball, basketball, badminton, & track & field, and am involved in our PBIS committee. I am part of the divisional Indigenous Academic Achievement and Literacy Instruction committees. I assistant coach for a U18 AAA female hockey team and assistant coach for our local high school’s female varsity soccer team. I am continually seeking ways to advance my learning, develop my teaching practice, and collaborate with others.

What is your favorite part of the Future Goals™program? How do you see STEM in the game of hockey?

My favourite part about the Future Goals program is how engaged my students are. They are able to work through the program independently and stay engaged during an entire period. I have used both the Future Goals math & science program, and I find both keep my students interested. Additionally, I like that all students have access to the beginner, intermediate, & advanced games from the beginning. They can choose what fits best for them. I see STEM fitting in the game of hockey in many ways. We can find STEM opportunities with on-ice situations experienced by players (balance/physics, speed, angles, energy, & flex). There are also many off-ice situations, especially in leagues such as the NHL that involve STEM, (ice management, temperature, architecture, stats, etc…) that can relate to STEM.

If you played hockey, what position would you play and why?

When I played hockey, my favourite position was centre. I loved the opportunity to generate offense and also work closely with my defensemen in the D-zone. I also loved learning to take faceoffs and setting goals to improve my win-percentage over time.